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FIMC-VI On-Line Ordering System - Help System

FIMC-VI Student Registration System - Help System

  • Who can register a student?
    The Florida Directors of Special Education in each school district or the directors of other Florida institutions have the authority to designate teachers of the visually impaired or other specified personnel as FIMC Authorized Users.

    An FIMC Authorized User having an FIMC-VI issued User ID Number and Password may register and edit student records throughout the year. However, an FIMC Authorized User may or may not be able to update student records for the Annual Census at the discretion of the district director.

    To obtain information on becoming registered as an FIMC Authorized User, please click here to send an email.

  • I am an ESE Administrator. How do I designate an FIMC-VI Authorized User?
    Click here to authorize a teacher of the visually impaired or other specified personnel to order materials and add/edit students who are visually impaired.

  • Am I authorized to use the services provided by FIMC-VI?
    First, check with your director to determine if your name has been submitted to FIMC-VI as an FIMC Authorized User and allowed you access to update student records.

    To obtain information on becoming registered, please click here to send an email.

  • What are the basic qualifications for eligibility?
    Any student with a visual impairment is eligible for services from the Florida Instructional Materials Center for the Visually Impaired. Basic eligibility qualifications, which must be met for each student, include:

    Compliance with FAC 6A-6.03014, FAC Special Programs for students who are visually impaired (2) Criteria for Eligibility, or with FAC 6A-6.03022, FAC Special programs for students who are dual-sensory impaired.

  • Why do students need to be registered?
    Districts must register all new students and all transfer students prior to the students receiving materials or services from FIMC-VI. Additionally, districts ensure that every student is included in the National Annual Registry of Visually Impaired Students conducted every January. This Registry allows the State of Florida to participate in the Federal "Act to Promote the Education of the Blind." As a result of participating in this Federal program, FIMC-VI is allocated quota funds based on the number of student registrations. These funds are used for ordering books and materials for your students from the American Printing House (APH).

  • When should students be registered?
    A qualifying student should be registered as soon as possible after being enrolled in your district's Program for the Visually Impaired.

  • What if my student is over 21 years old?
    You may register all students who are working at less than a high school diploma and that meet the minimum requirements regardless of age; however, students over 21 years of age must be enrolled in at least 20 hours of instruction per week. Instruction includes all aspects of the educational program except social and leisure programs. This requirement is especially important for adult rehabilitation programs.

  • Where can I find my student's ID Number?
    To obtain the number for new students, click on the View Status button then select New Students. When the new student registration has been approved, a student number will be displayed in the "Completed" table. Please click here to send an email to request a Student ID number.

  • FIMC-VI Editing Student Records - Help System

  • Why do I get a message that the student record can't be found or is inactive?
    If you are looking for a record that was recently entered as a new student, the registration may not have been approved at FIMC-VI. Check the status of a new student registration by clicking on the View Status button and selecting New Students. Any student listed under Processing or Need More Information cannot be edited.

    If you are looking for a record that has already been approved, the record may not have been updated during the last Annual Census or the student may have been removed from your district registry by another district designee. This action would move the student record to an inactive file. The record may also have been edited recently and may be locked until the edit is approved

  • Should I wait until the Annual Census to update my students records?
    No. The system is available continuously in order to allow you to keep all information current and make it easier to complete the Annual Census. If the information is up to date at the time of the Annual Census, it will be a simple matter to do a quick review and confirm the data.

  • After I have edited all of my students, how can I get a printout of their names and Student ID numbers?
    Click on the View Status button and select Edited Students. Click and drag to select the information you need and paste it into a document for your files.

  • How do I register a student moving from another District in Florida?
    Students need to be registered upon entering your District regardless of any previous registration

  • How can I check on recent edits to student records?
    Check the status of recent edits by clicking on the View Status button and selecting Edited Students. Any student listed under Processing or Need More Information cannot be edited.

FIMC-VI Annual Census - Help System